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What kind of car lamps are there? Different car headlights perform certain functions, helping the driver or signaling other drivers. If used incorrectly or not at all, accidents can happen. That's why it's extremely important to be able to recognize different lights and know when to use them.

Automotive headlights include:


There are two types of lights in car headlights, low beam, and high beam. The low beam provides a distribution of light to provide adequate front and cross-lighting without blinding other road users by excessive glare. A high beam is only needed when there are no visible vehicles in front of you. It provides a more intensely center-weighted light distribution without much glare control.

Fog lights

These lights are mounted lower than the main headlights, they are mounted so that the light does not refract in fog and fall back on the driver. Fog lights are used during fog and bad weather conditions when conventional headlights fail to perform their main task.

Tail lights

Located in the rear headlight of your vehicle. The taillights are red and provide light to the rear of the car, this helps drivers determine how far ahead you are to other drivers.

Brake lights

Located next to the taillights. You should make sure your brake lights are always on because they tell drivers you are slowing down or stopping.

Daytime running lights

Located next to the tail lights. You should make sure your brake lights are always in working order because they signal drivers that you are slowing down or stopping.

Signal lights

Located at the front and rear of the car, next to the head and taillights. They are often called blinkers, when activated, they indicate to other drivers that you are about to turn and will slow down.

Hazard lights

Located at the front and rear of the car, also known as flashers. Flashers, when turned on, emit a flashing signal to alert other drivers that you have a problem or to warn of immediate danger. They should only be used as distress or traffic warnings. Signal lights should not be used in other cases.

Driving lamps

Located inside the cab of your vehicle and used to illuminate the cab. The driving lamps are intended to be a convenience for the driver or passenger and can be used to study the information in the vehicle or to locate objects of interest. Driving lamps must not be used while the vehicle is on the road.