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Choosing H1 bulbs

Lighting elements are considered one of the main structural parts for any vehicle. Their main task is not only to ensure comfortable driving in a vehicle at night. Car lights have a significant impact on the safety of all traffic on the roadway, including drivers of oncoming cars and pedestrians.

H1 lamps are designed for high beam headlights in a four headlight system and occasionally used in fog lamps. Headlights differ not only in principle of operation. Depending on their purpose, they have different designs of the base, bulb, and spirals.

H1 lamp is a lighting device of the same type that is used in various vehicles. This classification of bases is considered universal, which allows you to choose the best version of auto lamps for a particular model of vehicle.

When choosing a product, drivers often have inflated requirements for its functionality and performance. Lighting equipment must comply with regulations governing international and national standards.

Considering the basic information about the car lamps H1, it should be emphasized the high resistance to vibration and mechanical effects during the movement of the car. In addition, the universal base excludes any loosening, unscrewing, or loosening of the contacts of the device.

The bulb with an H1 base is most often installed in four headlight components of headlights. It is currently available in four types:

  • Incandescent
  • Halogen
  • Xenon
  • LED

The most popular modifications are produced by the following companies:

  • Philips
  • Osram
  • Sylvania
  • Hella

Halogen low- and high-beam bulbs H1 12V 55W are mainly put in fog lights, which are needed to light the way in bad weather: fog, rain, snow. Halogen lamps can provide evenly saturated light that will not be scattered and the light beam will be clearly directed on the roadway.

Structurally, the h1 LED lamp belongs to the category of flange lamps, that is, there is a defined tight tolerance for the location of the helix relative to the flange, which allows you to place it exactly in the focus of the reflector with respect to the equal distance. There are 2 types of helix torsion for the head optics of vehicles:

  • compact placement for the high beam type of spotlight;
  • stretched along the axis for dipped beam and fog lights.

Such devices operate on LEDs, due to which the name is given. These are transparent semiconductor crystals with a number of characteristic features – immunity to mechanical damage, high light output, soft white light, comfortable for the eyes, etc.

Color temperature – 5000-6000 °K, which is optimal for dipped light. It is a natural white light without yellow and blue shades that distort the image.

H1 bulbs to equip car headlights are classified according to criteria such as mode of operation, design features, type of socket element and purpose of the lighting equipment.

Lighting devices of this classification are considered the most popular category of equipment in the field of automotive engineering. Often used for the functioning of a four-flash head lamp.

A little earlier elements were used only in dipped beam installations, but with the advent of the H7 category on the market, which has a high level of power and technical index, H1 devices began to be built into the optical devices for high beam and fog lights.