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Choosing H13 Bulbs

H13 LED car lights are the most popular and are installed in most imported and domestically produced cars.
installed in most imported and domestic cars. Not only previous years but also the newest models.

The lamps have become popular due to In one headlight (reflector) you can combine both dipped and main beam.

In this section, you can find automotive LED lamps H13 (LED-lamps H13) of all generations: from reliable and time-proven to the most progressive and effective models. The main feature of car LED lamps H13 is the Ability to work in 2 modes: high beam / low beam.

LED-lamps H13 have two high-power LEDs, which are located similar to the filament in an ordinary halogen bulb.

This ensures maximum light output and a proper beam of light. LED lamp does not dazzle drivers of oncoming traffic.

LED auto lamps of different generations differ in terms of the design lamp housing, the number of elements and its type (LED, LED matrix, a chain of LEDs), as well as the cooling device (cooler, pass cooling).

The energy efficiency of diodes is excellent. A relatively small amount of power consumption provides excellent performance. Also, the service life is several times longer compared to incandescent and xenon lamps. LED lamps do not damage the headlight reflector, save the car battery and generator, reduce fuel consumption. Easy to install and enjoy driving at night.

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