H4 Motorcycle Halogen Bulbs
H4 (9003, HB2) Motorcycle Halogen Bulbs
H4 Halogen Bulbs
H4 (9003, HB2) Halogen Bulbs
H4 Xenon Bulbs
H4 (9003, HB2) Xenon Bulbs
H4 LED Bulbs
H4 (9003, HB2) LED Bulbs

Choosing H4 Bulbs

Over time, every motor vehicle owner is faced with the need to replace the light source in the optics. Often, when organizing a low or high beam is used lamp h4. In order not to make a mistake in choosing the model, you can do your own test on the performance of different types. However, to save time, consumers often use already proven information about the performance of such devices.

Since the quality of lighting depends on the safety of all road users, should take the most responsible approach to the question of which h4 lamps are best suited for use in motor vehicles. At the moment there are three main types of lighting devices with this series of socket:

  • LED
  • xenon
  • bi-xenon
  • halogen

All classifications have both advantages and disadvantages, the analysis of which will allow each consumer to give preference to the most suitable type of h4 lamps.

The design of LED car lamps H4 is not much different from any other light-emitting elements. It consists of a heat sink, a venting device, and a pair of diodes. At high beam headlamp gives the light, as well as a classic spotlight: the spiral is located in the focus of the reflective screen, giving a light spot parallel to the road with smooth light and shadow boundaries. Power rating of incandescent lamp for high beam mode is 60W.