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Choosing H7 Bulbs

Automotive LED h7 lamps belong to the classification of folding light elements. As a rule, such devices are used to organize the front dipped beam. In the arrangement of long-range lighting, they are used very rarely. In general, the H7 is suitable for two cases of lighting equipment.

The design of the led lamp in place of the incandescent part has a base device and LED crystals. In terms of size, the device is completely similar to an incandescent bulb.

The principle of operation of the h7 lamp for dipped headlights has significant differences from the functioning of halogen lighting devices. In our case, a luminous flux with minimal scattering is created. This is achieved by the fact that the device instead of a single light source uses several diodes, which are arranged individually, depending on the requirements of the beam focus.

It is difficult without studying the specifications to determine which LED lamps are best for the car. Choose lighting devices according to the following criteria:

  • power indicator;
  • the efficiency of luminous flux;
  • power consumption;
  • light temperature;
  • supply voltage.

There are 3 types of lights on the market with the H7 socket:

  • LED lamps for cars;
  • Halogen devices;
  • Xenon.

LED bulbs for the car are considered the best option, which has durability and average cost. Diodes, compared to other types of light source, do not overheat, easily tolerate vibration and low temperature, and this only increases the operating life. There are a lot of fakes on the market, so experts recommend giving preference to products with a well-known name.

LED h7 lamps, according to the manufacturers and test-drive organizers, are characterized by increased efficiency of the emitting flux with minimal energy consumption.

Halogen H7 lamps are among the most in-demand. They provide millions of cars with low and high beams and even fight against fog. Such lamps exist in different versions: some manufacturers offer increased luminous flux, others, on the contrary, promise a tripled life, others can simply tint your headlight caps to match the body.

To improve the contact between the LED lamp and radiator often use a special thermal paste.

The process involves the following steps:

  • Circulating electrical current through the semiconductor elements;
  • Extraction of certain electrons from the main flow in the P-N region;
  • Collision of electrons of two wafers;
  • Formation of holes.

As a result of the constant contact of electrons moving in a chaotic order, light fluxes are formed.

Instead of an incandescent element, diode devices are equipped with components with a base device labeled h7 led, LED crystals. The dimensional parameters of this technique is identical to the incandescent product, which facilitates the process of replacing obsolete models for cost-effective modern fixtures.

LED h7 lamps for dipped beam works on a completely different principle when compared to the halogen emitters. They form a directional flow of light with a minimum percentage of scattering. This indicator is achieved through the use of several crystals in the lighting system, arranged according to a special scheme, depending on the focus of the rays.

To buy quality products, you should give preference to well-known manufacturers. In this case, it is better to overpay, because the costs will be quickly justified by the durability of the LED light bulb.

The rating of the best brands includes the following:

  • Philips Ultinon
  • Osram
  • Hikari

You can buy products from these manufacturers at a price of $15-150. This cost range is justified by the difference in parameters:

  • power
  • the intensity of the luminous flux
  • power consumption

Also, the manufacturer’s name plays an important role in the formation of prices. More expensive modifications have better performance, increased reliability and long service life. Buying budget versions, you should take into account that in a short time they will need to be replaced by new ones.

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