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Choosing H8 Bulbs

The main part of the lighting devices of any vehicle is the lamp. The element belongs to the category of unified devices of the industrial automotive industry. Compared with their domestic counterparts, automotive lighting equipment has a greater degree of resistance to vibration and environmental influences. This is justified by the fact that h8 lamps are equipped with robust spiral elements.

The H8 modification has quite similar characteristics to the competitive H9 and H11 modifications. To understand the difference between the devices, it is necessary to study the main technical features of the listed elements.

If we talk about the similarities of the above diode lamps, you should pay attention to the fact that they are not interchangeable. This is a very important factor that affects the performance of not only the lighting element but also the device as a whole.

The main differences between the modifications lie in the base of the light fixture, or more precisely, in the dimensional parameters of the planting blades located in the base of the bulb.

In addition, distinctive features H8, H9, H11 are also available in the form of the socket. This factor does not allow the installation of one modification of the LED-device in place of another.

On the basis of technology, H7 lamps were developed new, more powerful variants – H8, H9 and H11. These are the only varieties that can be used in particularly compact headlights

When selecting a particular type of LED lamp, you should give preference to exactly the variation that has been provided by the manufacturer of headlights.

LED products with H8 socket

For several years, the LED device is the leader in terms of statistics of operation and consumption. Justified by the popularity of not only a democratic price, but also good technical characteristics. Diodes are a unique element that can be used for almost any type of vehicle.

LED lamp H8

The device has a well-designed electronic system that provides the correct geometry of the distribution of the beam of light. In addition, the formation of the flow, LED lights in the headlight h8 can give a high level of light, equal to xenon devices.

However, one of the most important distinguishing advantages of other types of light installations is considered environmental friendliness. The device does not emit toxic substances when heated. Lighting technology has a high resistance to vibrations and other mechanical influences created by the car while driving. Anti-vibration properties are provided by the absence of fragile incandescent elements.

Headlights with LED lighting are not afraid of frost and high-temperature regime, so they properly perform even in case of intensive precipitation. Fog devices equipped with diodes provide white light with an increased degree of brightness, a clear upper boundary of the beam. Capable of illuminating large areas of the roadway without blinding the driver of oncoming traffic.

LED lamp H8/H9/H11 can illuminate large areas of the road, but will not dazzle oncoming drivers

These headlights, if necessary, can act as a daytime running light. Today there are three types of lamp shapes:

  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Oval

Each of these variations is capable of reproducing light in any color, ranging from standard white to bright red shades. The product has the ability to consume electricity economically, without significantly affecting the overall onboard network of the car, thereby prolonging the time interval of battery operation.