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HB3 Bulbs

Hb3 lamps are used in the headlights to organize the head lighting of the car. The product refers to the classification of single-strand lighting equipment. This factor means that the design features of the light fixture provide for the presence of only one filament. For example, devices equipped with two filaments can function when turning on low and high beam, due to the work of the second element.

Lighting equipment on average consumes 12V power. Often there may be modifications, the performance of which corresponds to the indicator of 55V, but there are products and on 51V.

The principle of operation of a halogen device with the index HB3 is partially identical to that of a classic incandescent lamp. The filament increases its temperature from the incoming 12V power, due to which the glow is created.

A glass bulb made of refractory or quartz material is filled with gaseous components, most of which are bromine and iodine vapors. These components significantly prolong the operating life of the equipment, the average value exceeds two times.

This modification of the lamps is easy to identify by the designation, as it encrypts the variety of the socket element. The model reproduces light as close as possible to natural daylight.

The operating life of the product depends entirely on the number of times the device is turned on and off. Frequency is indicated by switching cycles. On average, hb3 high-brightness lamps withstand up to 30,000 cycles, while the maximum duration of operation of counterparts is up to 12,000 hours.

Advantages and disadvantages of hb3 lamps

The halogen hb3 lamp for equipping the head lighting of cars is used quite often. The popularity is due to the average operating life of 2000-4000 hours. However, under ideal conditions and minimal vibration, the duration of operation can reach 8000 hours.

High-brightness hb3 lamps also have other advantages:

  • The light is as close to natural light as possible, which positively affects the driver’s vision and eliminates the likelihood of feeling fatigued soon.
  • Insignificant costs when you need to replace the device.
  • The product produces a steady stream of light without flicker.
  • Availability of light elements allows you to buy it at any specialized store.

Compared to competitive counterparts, the advantages of halogen devices are much less, but all of them are essential.

The disadvantages of the product are not few, the main of which are considered:

  • Low level of efficiency of reproduction of the light flux.
  • Increased sensitivity to mechanical influences and vibrations.
  • At the time of operation, hb3 halogen lamps emit a lot of heat. This factor negatively affects the efficiency, because electricity is spent not only on light. In addition, overheating of the equipment can lead to failure of the optical device, drying out the plastic and exposing it to cracking.

When the hb3 bulb heats up significantly – 2,500-5,000o darkening can form in the touch area. This adversely affects the temperature distribution over the surface of the light fixture, resulting in the product breaking quickly.

Recommendations for choosing a hb3 lamp

First, it is necessary to determine for what type of driving is used car, in which it is planned to install the lighting equipment. For example, the movement of the vehicle is often on an uneven road surface at high speed or slow movement on a good road. For each option are selected hb3 lamps with different color temperatures.