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HB4 Bulbs

LED light bulb hb4 is currently very popular. They are put in a new generation of cars.

Installed LED bulb hb4 in the fog lights, as a rule. However, there are cases where they are put and as a headlight and high beam.

The design of bulbs

Automotive LED hb4 bulbs meet all safety criteria. Due to the presence of two very powerful diodes inside it, the indicator of illumination reaches its maximum, and the beam of light has the correct directionality. All these indicators allow at night not to dazzle drivers from oncoming cars.

Criteria for different models

LED auto lamps hb4 differ in the following criteria:

  • Type of housing;
  • Cooling device;
  • The number of elements of light;
  • Type of elements of luminescence.

Positive points

The pluses of using LED hb4 bulbs in fog bulbs:

  • Variability in the choice of bulbs by luminescence temperature (from 3000 to 6000 K);
  • Maximum light output and almost no heat generation;
  • Variability in use in different vehicles – from cars to trucks (voltage value can be from 9 to 32 watts);
  • Excellent light output;
  • Does not dazzle drivers of oncoming cars;
  • Good illumination of the road and the roadside;
  • Durable radiator material;
  • Minimal bulb heating due to the grooved radiator;
  • Can be used in any weather, including rainy;

Principle of operation of hb4 LED headlight bulb

Installing this type of bulb is an action that will provide the driver with safer driving conditions in the future. The design of the hb4 LED bulb in fog lights is quite simple, but overturned. The bulb itself has crystals that conduct current. There is a phenomenon that is called luminescence. Its essence is the emission of light from those very crystals.

LED lamp hb4 in the fog lamp emits photons. After in the mechanism of the diode, there is a cluster of atoms. And as these particles move, there is direct light.

Is it necessary to install good hb4 LED bulbs?

The answer to this question can only be positive. After all, quality optics in the car – are the guarantor of confidence and safe driving.

At night, the benefits of installing LED hb4 lamps in 12v good visibility of the car for other road users, which reduces the risk of accidents.

The cost of this type of bulb is relatively small. And in the future, such purchase will pay for itself completely due to the long service life and lack of impact on the optics. Sometimes they install LED hb4 with a bump.

Reasons for purchase:

  • Long run time. Can reach up to 50,000 hours;
  • Less power consumption compared to other types, and the light output is an order of magnitude higher;
  • Saves fuel and battery power;
  • Good light output;
  • Existence of overvoltage protection;
  • Light dispersion at the right angle.

What to pay attention to, if there is a question, what LED lamps hb4 best to choose

When choosing, you should first take into account the type of socket and bulb, which are necessary for the buyer. It is also worth studying carefully what power will be suitable for a particular car. It is important to choose a light bulb with the correct light temperature, otherwise, the glow can be yellow in the LED lamp hb4.

You should also study the offer of different brands. There are ratings of hb4 LED bulbs.

Possible color temperature

The value of this indicator for diode bulbs can range from 3000 K to 6000 K. The indicator is measured in Kelvin. The color temperature directly affects the color of the glow from the headlight. When choosing can be guided by personal preference but should take into account that some colors are more dazzling to drivers of oncoming cars, as well as reduce the visibility zone. You can choose in this case LED lamp hb4 according to the reviews.

The value of the color temperature and its correspondence to a certain color of luminescence:

  • 5500 K – 6800 K – produces white color with a touch of blue;
  • About 5500 K – completely white glow;
  • 4200 K – 4500 K – calmer white;
  • 3600 K – 4150 K – white with slight yellowing;
  • 1500 K – 3300 K – pure yellow glow.

White-yellow LED hb4 is usually installed as fog lights.

There are a lot of diode lamps. For the uninformed buyer, the choice will be very difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the criteria that need to be considered before buying a LED bulb.