What is the difference between a HID bulb and a Xenon bulb?

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What should I choose: HID bulb or Xenon bulb?

Most drivers these days prefer to use Xenon HID bulbs, these bulbs produce much more light than standard halogen bulbs. They have a strong white light with a blue tint that makes your car stand out from the rest.

If you want to buy HID xenon bulbs, you may have noticed two different terms: HID xenon bulbs and gas-filled xenon bulbs. These are different bulbs, even though they both contain xenon gas. In this article, we want to tell you what the differences are between Xenon gas bulbs and Xenon HID bulbs.

Xenon HID Bulbs

Let us start with the Xenon HID bulbs (sometimes you may come across the term: High Intensity Discharge). These bulbs are newer, have more modern technology, and replace the old halogen bulbs that are installed on most cars in the US. Xenon HID bulbs last about twice as long as older halogen bulbs. If you compare Xenon HID to halogen, the main difference is that halogen bulbs have a tungsten filament that heats up and with halogen gas keeps the fiber burning. Xenon HID bulbs have no such filament, they are based on a gas discharge that creates an arc of light between the two electrodes of the bulb, filled with xenon. This is why Xenon HID bulbs are much brighter than halogen bulbs. Xenon HID bulbs have a higher color temperature, and therefore produce a bright white or bluish light that looks more modern than natural yellow light.


Xenon Gas Filled Bulbs

Xenon gas filled bulbs are regular halogen bulbs that are filled with xenon gas instead of halogen (hence the name, which may be confusing to you). These bulbs also have a stronger and brighter white light than a standard halogen bulb, but not as bright as a Xenon HID bulb. Xenon gas filled bulbs are more similar to regular halogen bulbs than HID bulbs in their properties.

How do I choose a Xenon bulb?

If you already have Xenon HID bulbs in your car, we recommend that you continue to use this type of bulb. When choosing a Xenon HID you need to make sure that you are really buying a Xenon HID bulb and not a regular Xenon gas filled bulb. To do this, pay attention to the price. Xenon HID bulbs are almost always more expensive than regular halogen bulbs because of the difference in the technology used in making the bulbs. Also, pay attention to the manufacturer of the bulbs. Companies such as Philips, Sylvania, Osram always provide complete information about their products. Also, make sure your car supports the connection of Xenon HID bulbs. If your car uses halogen bulbs, you can buy an HID kit that converts your halogen headlights to Xenon HID. We also recommend that you buy your bulbs from trusted stores that have a warranty and return policy if the bulb doesn’t fit you.

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